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Squirrels Taking Up Residence

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Q. We have a small vacation home in a wooded area of the state. On a recent visit, a neighbor reported seeing a squirrel going in and out of our chimney and roof line. Could that be right and what do we do? Candice T. Blue Bell, PA

A. To a squirrel, a chimney is like a hollow tree—a favorite nesting spot. So, your neighbor may be reporting accurately. You definitely want a pest control professional to handle the problem for you. Trying to effectively trap and remove a squirrel from the rooftop can be a dangerous job. Plus, their feces can carry a deadly parasite and you don’t want to take that risk. A pest professional can efficiently and safely trap the pest and sanitize the area. Once the unwanted visitor is removed, have a chimney cap installed to keep other wildlife from moving into your chimney.

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