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Believe it or not, mosquitos are one of natures pollinators! They are not nearly as efficiant as bees however, they do some of the polination work that is necessary for plants to grow and regenerate. Although they have their place in the eco system, they are an unwanted nusience. You completed your beautiful outdoor living space in Pennsylvania and you cannot enjoy the space because of theses blood sucking irritants. 

Along with being a nuisance, they can carry diseases. There are many factors to mosquito growth. Sometimes, there is standing water in a puddle that is unseen on your property where they lay their eggs. Other times there are buckets, planters, or any other vessel that holds water where they are growing. Along with those areas, the eggs are in the trees! Since there are so many places they could be coming from, it is important you hire one of our professionals to locate the problem area/areas and treat accordingly. Contact us and we will take a bite out of your mosquito problems today!

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