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Fleas are not just an animal problem, they're a human problem as well. Just like your cat or dog, fleas feel on your blood too. Some people are not allergic to a flea bite where others may be highly allergic. That is why it may seem like some couples will have a flea biting them but not their spouse. The fact is that the same fleas are biting both people however since the one individual is not allergic to the bite, the feedings go unnoticed. 

Although fleas can live for one to two weeks without a bloodmeal, the eggs and larva can last up to six months! This is why fogging a home simply will not work. It is also important to mention that fleas can transmit diseases. One of the worst cases in history was the bubonic plague! Since these pests can spread disease, cause irritant, and last for such a long time, it is important to contact a qualified professional, such as one of our technicians at Shoreline Pest Solutions in Pennsylvania to evaluate the problem and eliminate your flea problem!

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