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Ticks are some of our most feared pests currently in Pennsylvania. Although they are not the worst pest problem to have, they are not good. As with all insects, they do have a place in the enviornment, just not right in yours! Ticks bite people and animals with razor sharp blades at the end of their mouths. They have inverted spikes that once inserted into it's host make it incredibly hard to pull out. Ticks usually lie in wait atop plants or at the base of plants and when the unsuspecting host brushes past and the ticks grab onto the host.


Remember that ticks carry a whole host of diseases. The diseases range from Alpha Gal which is the disease that makes people allergic to red meat, rocky mountain spotted fever, lyme disease which can permanently impact a person life, and many more dangerous diseases. You may not know the areas that are most susceptible to ticks so it is important to bring in one of our professionals to locate and mitigate the most common areas for these pests.

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