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Earwigs are creepy looking creatures. The have pincers that protrude from their abdomen and long segmented antennae. The name "earwig" is a very old name derived from the belief that they crawled into the ears of sleeping people and would eat their brains. We know today that this is not true. We also know that they look slimy and tend to show up in places that we really do not want them, including in our home where we sleep! Most of the time, earwigs feed on decaying vegetation however, some will feast on living things such as other arthropods.

Shoreline Pest Solutions has many years of experience in eliminating earwigs from homes. Although earwigs can pinch or "bite", they do not pose any threat to people. They are not venomous nor do they carry any known disease. Just because they are not harmful to our physical bodies, does not mean they do not cause mental distress. They are usually found in your basement, or any other dark damp area. Call us today for a full inspection and elimination of your earwig problem!

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