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Is Seeing Believing?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Q. My wife is convinced we have a mouse problem. But I have not seen any – and I am working from home now more than ever. When is it time to call a pro for a pest inspection? Alex W., Philadelphia, PA

A. Mice are most active at night, so you may not actually see them but still have a problem. Your wife may be concerned because she has observed some of these tell-tale signs:

  • Small, dark rice-shaped droppings

  • Gnaw marks on food packaging

  • Your house cat or dog is showing unusual interest in new areas of the home

  • Sounds of scratching, rustling, or gnawing, especially at night

Remember, it can be difficult to tell how many mice are in your home. But a few mice can quickly turn into an infestation due to the high rate of breeding. Calling for a pest inspection can ease your and your wife’s mind.

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